About Bergen Osteology

The Bergen University Museum has a long history of research and collecting. It was founded in 1825 as Bergens Museum by Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie (1778-1849), a county court judge and a former President of the Norwegian Parliament. Today, the Bergen University Museum consists of the Department of Natural History and the Department of Cultural History. The Osteological Collections are part of the Department of Natural History, and include both modern and archaeological skeletal material from Norway and abroad, as well as a collection of human milk molars.

Our collections, laboratory and office spaces are based at the Realfagbygget building at Allégaten 41. The natural history exhibits, including our iconic whale hall, have recently been renovated and are located at Muséplassen 3.

Postal address: the Osteological Collections, Bergen University Museum, Postboks 7800, 5020 Bergen.