New project: Marine Lexicon

How to say “whale” in 10 languages

We are glad to announce that work on our newest project, Marine Lexicon, has started. Together with CHAM (Centro de Humanidades, University of Lisbon) and NIFU (Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education). The aim of the project is to construct a thesaurus containing the names for marine mammals in ten different languages. Additionally, we will create a list of place names related to the exploitation of marine mammals. These can tell us much about the relationship between man and marine mammals. Where seals and whales just a source of food or were they hunted for other purposes, too? How did people in the past perceive them?
What happens to animals you only heard of? Mythology and fables often are based on reality… Therefore, sea monsters and other mythological sea creatures will also be included.
Click here to visit the website for the project.

Whale flensing by Olaus Magnus in “Historia om de nordiska folken” (The history of the Nordic people), 1555.

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